Enzo Sushi : Online ordering

  • 26 January 2018 |
  • Online ordering
Enzo Sushi - Online ordering

A variety of exotic sushi out of the ordinary, now available online through iShopFood! Indeed, the various Enzo Sushi specialties are available on iShopFood’s online ordering service, directly on the restaurant’s website. Now, you can enjoy exotic blends and original flavors even more easily!

Live the Enzo Sushi experience!

Enzo is a restaurant to discover for lovers of fish, sushi and others. There, we can find all the arsenal of futo maki, hoso maki and other cuts of fish, with or without rice. More exotic varieties are also featured in the establishment’s menu.

Furthermore, each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients by the chef. In addition, each plate is custom built for a unique and personalized experience. Customers can even enjoy specialities that are not displayed on the menu. This way, they can partake in a unique tasting experience every single time!

Everything is served by a friendly and welcoming staff, in an authentic Japanese atmosphere. With Enzo Sushi, you can spend a unique evening, whether at home or in a restaurant!

Partnership with iShopFood

The Japanese specialties restaurant joins forces with iShopFood! Enzo Sushi now has its own online ordering page. Makis and Yakimono specialties are available through the restaurant’s website. This way, Enzo can optimize its services and increase its sales thanks to an intuitive and accessible ordering platform. Indeed, online ordering offers a fast and efficient alternative ordering method. The restaurant can also enjoy a customized interface and a solution adapted to its needs. In short, with iShopFood, Enzo continues to offer a quality service while meeting a growing demand!

To learn more about our online ordering service, visit one of our information pages. Learn more about the various benefits of the choice online ordering platform. Contact us by filling out this form to get a customized solution for your needs!

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