Offer a personalized menu for your users!

  • 20 November 2019 |
  • Press
iShopFood - Offer a personalized menu for your users!

IShopFood’s ordering interfaces are designed to provide a unique experience for each user. Indeed, our goal is that every customer of your company is satisfied with the services offered by the iShopFood team. Thus, we have applied features to the online ordering and self-serve kiosk services to ensure a unique experience via a personalized menu!

An efficient navigation menu

Like any printed menu, your products are presented by categories. Each product may be accompanied by a short description or list of ingredients. Note that you can still view your products without a photo. Indeed, our interface is prepared to fulfill any of your potential needs!

Products “to your own taste”

Each product available on an ordering interface is customizable by the client according to your pre-established criterias. Allow them to order an item with the side-dish of their choice, with or without extra. Offer a variety of combos and allow substitutions of ingredients or sides. You can also apply a price to some sides and extras. Everything is accessible via a colorful interface with custom pictures, easy to use for your customers.


The iShopFood ordering platform allows you to exploit upselling to increase the average bill for your business. Indeed, you can offer your customers various promotional products or products that are rising popularity. In addition, suggest to your customers additional items according to their order. For example, a dessert or an appetizer to go with their main entree. Indeed, iShopFood gives you the tools to improve your sales and offer a unique experience to your customers and users!

Take advantage of iShopFood’s online ordering and self-serve kiosk services and their personalized menu right now. Learn more about our services by visiting one of our information pages. In addition, you can contact us by filling out this form and get a solution tailored to your needs! And do not forget to follow us on Facebook!

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