Olivia Bistro-Boutique : Online ordering

  • 19 August 2019 |
  • Mobile app
Olivia Bistro-Boutique - Online ordering

Healthy cooking takes its place on iShopFood! Olivia now has her own online ordering mobile application. Enjoy vegetarian and vegan options with iShopFood’s new online ordering V3 platform. New features and tools to enjoy a balanced meal!

Olivia: Your healthy fast-food destination!

Firstly, the production kitchen of the Cellier, now a bistro-health shop, Olivia offers you a menu that is complete, fast, but above all, healthy! Gourmet salads, soft tacos, homemade kombucha as well as local products are in the spotlight at Olivia. They also offer delicious smoothies and original lunches at the end of the week. All, cooked and served in an original and vibrant space.

Olivia is the meeting point of passion for food and health. The chain has created a formula that allows you to eat healthy meals even on busy days. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant, you will be satisfied!

iShopFood joins the party!

The Bistro’s healthy food is more accessible than ever! Indeed, Olivia now offers its products via the iShopFood online ordering service. Orders can be made directly on the website of the establishment. The service is available on its Facebook page as well. In addition, Olivia also has its own online ordering mobile application.

Olivia can take advantage of an even more efficient ordering service! Indeed, the restaurant chain uses the improved online ordering platform developed by iShopFood. Customers can now access product suggestions based on their past order. Other functions have also been integrated into the application. In addition, the visual interface has been modernized and adapted according to the company’s branding. In short, everything you need to offer an optimized service!

The Olivia Bistro-Boutique mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about our online ordering service, visit one of our information pages. Contact us by filling out this form to get a customized solution for your needs!

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