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Aki Sushi & Aki Thaï : A success story!

In 2015, I started working with the iShopFood team on the integration of their new online ordering solution in my 85 branches across the province. A priori, the integration of cutting-edge technologies seemed laborious, but knowing that the online orders would increase in the years to come, I decided to experiment with success. iShopFood, in addition to being cost-effective, optimized part of the order taking process by improving the experience offered to my clients. In addition, I now have a solution for my catering service as well as the table ordering in my restaurants.

I am writing this letter to recommend to all establishments in food service and catering to benefit from the expertise of this young innovative team with a unique product from Quebec.

Claude Guay
Les aliments saveur du monde | Aki Sushi | Aki Thai

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