Stratos Pizzeria : Online ordering

  • 23 May 2019 |
  • Online ordering
Stratos Pizzeria - Online ordering

The king of poutine partners up with iShopFood! Stratos Pizzeria now offers online ordering to its customers. Enjoy a delicious pizza or all-dressed poutine quickly and easily with Stratos and iShopFood!

The king of poutine

In Trois-Rivières, in 1989, the Stratos Pizzeria chain made its modest debut. Mr. Efstratios Chrisafoudis created at the time what would later become a leader in the catering industry in Quebec. Initially, it’s a small delivery counter that makes the Stratos taste and quality known. Very quickly, the Stratos banner is experiencing a remarkable expansion in Quebec.
To date, 27 restaurants proudly carry the name Stratos and generate more than 800 jobs. Thanks to a number of dedicated franchisees, people in the Quebec City, Central Quebec and Mauricie regions can now enjoy an authentic variety of pizzas and poutines.

The success of Stratos is largely based on the relationship of trust maintained with its business partners and franchisees. Indeed, the restaurant stands out for its extensive menu, quality dishes and professional service provided by a passionate staff. The doors to your nearest Stratos pizzeria are always open for you to enjoy a nice meal in good company.

Partnership with iShopFood

In order to continue its evolution and to innovate in the restaurant industry, the chain has teamed up with iShopFood. Indeed, Stratos Pizzeria offers the online ordering directly on the website of the company. The ordering service is available on the Facebook page of the Stratos pizzerias as well.
In addition to optimizing the restaurant’s ordering services, the iShopFood online order increases sales by simplifying the ordering process for the customer. Additionally, Stratos has a customized visual according to the image of the company. In short, a tailor-made service for a major partner!

To learn more about the iShopFood online ordering service, visit one of our information pages.

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