Online ordering

Simple and effective online ordering tools to increase your sales!

Simplify the online ordering

  • Increase your sales
  • Online sales are up to 24% higher.
  • Simplify the order
  • Offer tools for a simple and effective order to your customers.
  • Get a personalized mobile app
  • Place yourself directly in the pockets of your customers.

Take-out & delivery

A quick and easy to use interface that meets your needs.

What kind of order?

Take-out or delivery? When and where should the order be delivered?

What is the order?

In addition to your menu, introduce additional options and extras based on selected products.

How to reach the customer?

Communicate with your customers in real time via SMS or email directly with the iShopFood interface.

Your customized mobile application

Maximize the online order with your own mobile app. Enjoy a custom visual with added features and a custom menu.

Your brand image

Your personalized menu

Your loyalty program

Social media

Maximize your presence on social networks with a simple and fast integration and various direct marketing campaigns.

Order at the table

The order at the table feature in iShopFood present your menu with a high class visual allowing you to showcase the dishes served by the restaurant.

Femme au restaurant avec téléphone intelligent

Via smartphone

Femme avec POS Point of Sell Ishop Food

Via tablet at the table

Homme iPad commande sur l'application Ishop Food

Via tablet by the waiter

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