Phone and app

The order at your fingertips

  • Increase your sales

    Online sales are up to 24% higher.

  • Simplify the order

    Offer tools for a simple and effective order to your customers.

  • Get a personalized mobile app

    Place yourself directly in the pockets of your customers.

Take-out & delivery

A quick and easy to use interface that meets your needs.

What kind of order?

Take-out or delivery? When and where should the order be delivered?

What is the order?

In addition to your menu, introduce additional options and extras based on selected products.

How to reach the customer?

Communicate with your customers in real time via SMS or email directly with the iShopFood interface.

Your customized mobile application

  • Your brand image

    Display your logos and colors!

  • Your personalized menu

    Put your products and promotions forward!

  • Your loyalty program

    Retain your customers with rewards!

Increase your presence online and reach an expanding market!

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