Online ordering at Chicky Doo’s

  • 10 February 2022 |
  • Online ordering
Online ordering at Chicky Doo's

Canadian restaurant Chicky Doo now offers its fabulous fried chicken recipe and its unique and original burgers directly on their website, via iShopFood’s online ordering service. The Chicky Doo team can count on a complete platform and an easy-to-use interface. The restaurant can hit the ground running with ease thanks to iShopFood’s quickly enabled solution.

iShopFood joins the team

By using the functionalities offered by iShopFood, Chicky Doo benefits from a modern and complete online ordering service. Thus, the restaurant adapts to new market trends by relying on a reliable and competitive e-commerce solution.

Thanks to the iShopFood online order, Chicky Doo enjoys many exclusive advantages. Indeed, online ordering substantially increases the number of orders per day. The service also optimizes general order taking. Furthermore, online ordering helps increase average customer bills through a clever system of upselling and suggestions. As a result, increased revenue is encouraged and losses are minimized. Finally, the staff of the Chicky Doo restaurant efficiently manages its new service thanks to a complete and easy to use management interface. The team has been trained by iShopFood to ensure quality service, without problems, and thus offers the best online ordering on the market!

Technology at the service of restaurants

Online ordering is a service accessible to all restaurateurs wishing to optimize their performance. Increase your sales and improve your operations with a modern and innovative service. You manage your online order yourself via a sophisticated and understandable management interface! In short, iShopFood offers you a complete and autonomous service.

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