Crecco’s : Self-serve kiosk & Online ordering

  • 19 June 2019 |
  • Online ordering
Crecco's : Self-serve kiosk & Online ordering

iShopFood arrives in the United States! Crecco’s American cafés innovates and offers a service optimized with the new iShopFood technologies. At Crecco’s, the self-serve kiosk and online ordering are here to stay!

Crecco’s : Authentic, rustic, organic!

Crecco’s Café is a family restaurant offering American Italian specialties. Established in 2016 in the heart of Riverale, Crecco’s was founded by two passionate friends eager to break the mold of the traditional pizza: Combining quality Italian cuisine and typical coffee. Today, Crecco’s is expanding into two locations, Riverale and Orangeburg, and continues to expand.
Crecco’s Café is an active member of the community and is a frequent participant in school fundraisers, city events and breast cancer campaigns. Their mission is to serve the community and surrounding areas with fresh and consistent meals, coupled with courteous customer service.

Crecco’s offers a diverse menu: Sandwiches, salads, pastas and pizzas. The restaurant also offers many specials and a catering service for any type of event. Each dish is prepared on demand, with fresh ingredients and a range of side dishes. The restaurant also has healthy options. Crecco’s has everything to satisfy any type of customer, served by a dynamic and passionate staff!

iShopFood: The international solution

In order to increase sales and optimize services, Crecco’s has opted for iShopFood ordering technologies. Thus, the restaurant has multiple self-serve kiosks to facilitate order taking at the counter. Orders are fastly made and the reception rate is quick and efficient.
Crecco’s can even display its promotions and special menus more easily thanks to the iShopFood self-serve kiosks. The home screen of the device can be used to promote particular menu items or the latest discounts offered by the establishment.

The restaurant also offers online ordering directly on its website. Customers can order in advance and receive their meals in a timely manner.

To learn more about the iShopFood technologies, the self-serve kiosk and online ordering, visit our information page.

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