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  • 26 November 2020 |
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iShopFood : Affichez vos promotions grâce au pop-up promotionnel!
Pop-up promotionnel
Take advantage of the holiday season to put your promotions in the spotlight!

For the holiday season, iShopFood is proud to present its brand new feature: The promotional pop-up! Via our back-end management interface, create yourself a promotional pop-up presenting the latest promotions offered in your establishment via online ordering.

The iShopFood promotional pop-up integrates itself easily with your online ordering service. It appears when the user goes to the online order page and informs them about your current promotions. Choose the promotions displayed and easily customize the design of your pop-up according to your current promotions!

How to create a pop-up?

Go to configuration. In the iShopFood management interface, under the Configurations tab, select the link to the management of promotional pop-ups.

Design a new pop-up. Add a title and description to your pop-up, as well as a header image. Plus, easily test your layout via the pop-up preview. However, don’t forget to save your work!

Manage your promotions. Choose from your active promotions the ones you want to display inside the pop-up. You can choose a maximum of 4 promotions, which can be displayed with description and photo!

Create several promotional pop-ups!

With the iShopFood promotional pop-up, your customers are easily informed about your promotions! You can also create several pop-ups and activate them according to the promotion period. Note that the promotional pop-up takes priority and replaces any message entering the application as well as personalized suggestions.

Switch to active marketing!

In conclusion, via the promotional pop-up, iShopFood allows you to improve the marketing of your online ordering platform. Promote your promotions to build customer loyalty for using online ordering. Make the most of your ordering service and ensure you come back and visit! Contact us for more information on online ordering and the promotional pop-up. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

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