Foodchain : Online ordering

  • 5 February 2018 |
  • Online ordering
Foodchain - Online ordering

Fast food renews itself! Foodchain now offers enhanced online ordering through iShopFood. The various healthy products and meals of the Montreal establishment are even more accessible thanks to a revised and improved user interface!

A new kind of fast cooking

Foodchain started with a group of friends: Charles-Antoine Crête, Cheryl Johnson, Zebulon Perron and Jean-François Saine, all gathered around a table. During the process, an artist, a photographer, a baker (Jeffrey Finkelstein) and several chefs were added to the mix. After 4,929 cups of coffee, 351 bottles of wine and 687 suppers, Foodchain is born!

Foodchain’s goal is to reinvent fast food. To do this, the best possible team has been assembled. The restaurant offers a variety of health products: salads, magic breads, vegan cakes and more! Foodchain even has a catering service for large-scale orders. Everything is served by a friendly and dynamic team in a friendly environment. In the end, the Foodchain team believes that the most important factor of any company is the human factor!

iShopFood: The strong link!

Foodchain is constantly evolving. In order to improve its overall performance and services, the Montreal restaurant used technologies developed by iShopFood. Indeed, Foodchain now has its own online ordering service. Customers have access to the ordering service directly on the establishment’s website. They can thus order their favorite food easily thanks to an intuitive and efficient interface, designated according to the brand image of the company. In conclusion, Foodchain now has a powerful tool to optimize all of its services and thus increase sales and satisfied customers! iShopFood is becoming an important ally for any restaurant wanting to increase its potential.

To learn more about our online ordering service, visit one of our information pages. Contact us by filling out this form to get a customized solution for your needs!

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