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  • 13 June 2019 |
  • Online ordering
Frite Alors - Online ordering

Belgian fries arrive in Quebec: The Frite Alors online ordering service is now available on the site of the chip shop! Enjoy the perfect mix of Quebec and Belgian culture: Hamburgers, poutines, sandwiches and hot dogs, all served in a relaxed atmosphere.

The real Belgian fries with a Quebec accent!

Frite Alors! has earned its reputation over the past 24 years. The franchise was founded in 1991 in Montreal by Jean Jurdant. From belgian nationality, the latter immediately saw the opportunity to import the expertise of Belgium in the country. The establishment has distinguished itself, evolved and followed trends while respecting the basic knowledge of a Belgian chip shop. Today, more than fifteen branches proudly display the Frite Alors! banner!
Frite Alors! offers a variety of typical Belgian meals with the Quebec touch: Hamburgers, poutines and sandwiches are served with freshly made fries. The restaurant also has a wide selection of sauces and mayonnaise to vary your dining experience. Every meal is a discovery! Everything is prepared with the freshest ingredients and served by a professional staff in a warm atmosphere.

Partnership with iShopFood

In order to pursue relentlessly on the road of innovation and meet a constantly growing demand, Frite Alors! reinvents itself! The chip shop chain is now among iShopFood’s partners. Indeed, the restaurant offers the “Frite Alors online ordering” service to its customers. Ordering at the counter can be done directly on the website of Frite Alors! for pick-up by the client.
By making iShopFood an ally of choice, Frite Alors! optimizes the quality of its services and the speed of its operations. As a result, the company is increasing sales and online presence. Thanks to iShopFood, the company now has the wind in its sails to continue its expansion.

Get more information on iShopFood’s online ordering platform by visiting our services page.

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