Jules : Self-serve kiosk & Menu boards

  • 7 May 2019 |
  • Digital menus
Jules - Self-serve kiosk & Menu boards

iShopFood is now at Galeries de la Capitale’s brand new Mega Park! The iShopFood self-serve kiosk is available at the Jules Crepe Shop. Visitors and regulars can enjoy a delicious sweet crepe or waffle in the mall’s brand new attractions.

Fun to the max!

An exceptional place, quality products and a unique atmosphere. This is what you’ll find at the Jules crepe stand! Located in the heart of the new Mega Park, come and enjoy crepes and waffles, cotton candy and alcoholic beverages between two skates!

Let yourself be served by a qualified and friendly staff. Customize your own crepe by ordering on the iShopFood self-serve kiosk. Enjoy a wide selection of flavors and extras for each of the crepe stand’s delicious products!

Jules - kiosk

iShopFood joins in on the fun

The iShopFood team is proud to present the result of quality work between the two teams. Indeed, iShopFood has designed the unique visual for the digital menu boards presented to the customers. Each menu is displayed on screen via an animated and dynamic design. In addition, the sections alternate to present the stand’s every products in a clear and accessible way.

Jules also has a solid self-serve kiosk on the side of the crepe stand. This way, customers can order on the kiosk without even removing their ice skates. They can then do a rink ride and get their order from the other side!

A novelty for iShopFood: a self-serve kiosk is used by employees to order and customers can see their order on screen with a customised interface! A unique concept 100% automated thanks to iShopFood technologies.

To learn more about the self-serve kiosk and digital menu boards services offered exclusively by iShopFood, visit one of our information pages. You can also contact us by filling out this form to obtain a customized solution for your needs!

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