La Poutinerie : Online ordering

  • 23 June 2016 |
  • Online ordering
La Poutinerie - Online ordering

A typical Quebec dish is available online through iShopFood! Poutinerie now offers online ordering service to its customers in Quebec City. Take full advantage of a menu offering more than 250 varieties of different poutines! Enough to satiate the greatest potatoes and cheese grain eaters.

The Poutine reference in Quebec City

La Poutinerie restaurant offers the largest selection of poutines in Quebec City. With 7 selections of sauces and 35 poutine toppings, you will find nearly 250 different varieties! It’s a unique dining experience that awaits you every visit. In addition to offering generous portions, the restaurant prepares dishes with fresh and tasty ingredients. Finally, La Poutinerie offers you a vast territory of delivery, in addition to a fast service and meals of superior quality. In addition, the chain has two branches to accommodate as many poutine fanatics as possible. Let yourself be served by an attentive and professional staff and treat yourself to a jewel of Quebec cuisine!

Partnership with iShopFood

La Poutinerie is always looking for ways to improve and optimize its services. It is for this purpose that the chain has used iShopFood’s ordering technologies. Indeed, thanks to an intuitive and versatile interface, La Poutinerie now offers an efficient online ordering service that is easy to use! The service is available directly on the website of the establishment. Users can also order via La Poutinerie’s Facebook page. Order options are multiplying thanks to iShopFood!

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