Online Ordering at Sen

  • 15 July 2021 |
  • Online ordering
Online Ordering at Sen

Hot pot is on the online menu! Indeed, Sen now offers online ordering on its website thanks to iShopFood and its team!

Sen’s Story

Though similar to the word ‘zen’, Sen translates to noodle, or thread, in Thai. A singular noodle personifies movement, balance, and longevity in numerous Asian cultures. At Sen, we’ve transported our family’s favorite Thai street carts into our own contemporary noodle shop in downtown Bend, Oregon.
Travel back to Thailand with us by sampling our own renditions on these classic Thai noodles and street dishes. Indulge in Thai style hot pot as a group and cook your own fresh ingredients in our house made broth, or let us prepare it for you to enjoy as a single serving in a boiling pot. Think of Sen as your gateway into the vibrant street food culture of Bangkok and Chiang Mai — all while dining along the Deschutes with a craft cocktail in hand.

The Sen Team
Partnership with iShopFood

With the optimization of its services at heart, Sen partners up with iShopFood to offer online ordering. Indeed, the establishment now offers its menu via a personalized ordering interface according to the company’s brand image. The interface allows customers to choose products and extras directly from the establishment’s website. Customers can place their order, choose the reception time and come to the restaurant to collect their products. The Sen team can also manage their entire ordering platform autonomously through the iShopFood management interface.

iShopFood’s online ordering offers a lot of benefits for restaurants. First and foremost, it greatly contributes to the increase in the number of daily orders. Online ordering also improves the optimization of overall order taking. In addition, the ordering platform systematically increases the amount of average invoices. As a result, increased income is encouraged and losses are minimized.

Technology at the service of restaurants

Online ordering is a service accessible to all restaurateurs wishing to optimize their service and increase their sales. Benefit from a modern interface and sophisticated, understandable technology. Manage your platform as you wish! Learn more about our services by visiting one of our information pages. In addition, you can contact us by filling out this form and get a tailor-made solution for your needs.

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