Online ordering in times of crisis

  • 8 April 2020 |
  • Online ordering
Online ordering in times of crisis

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, iShopFood is putting forward its online ordering service to assist restaurateurs. Thanks to an intuitive interface and efficient service, you can ignore the problems caused by containment and continue to offer your services powered by iShopFood to your customers.

Counter and delivery

In times of crisis, one must know how to adapt in order to survive. It is during this period of isolation that you can operate counter order and delivery services to their full potential. Offering online ordering gives you considerable help in optimizing these services by limiting the queues and interventions of your employees to a minimum.

Income and profitability

Greatly limit revenue loss by offering an additional ordering method to your customers. By eliminating the need for travel, you allow your customers to quickly access your and your products. This increases the number of incoming orders and the average bill for your establishments.

A reliable and versatile service

iShopFood online ordering is a proven platform. Its reliability is recognized by more than 600 restaurateurs. In addition, the platform adapts to your needs. Contact us to find out what type of custom functionality we can integrate with your ordering platform.

Optimization of our services

order to limit the problems of restorers caused by COVID-19, iShopFood serves you even more effectively. In fact, integration and launch take place within 24 hours of signing the membership contract. We can also allow you to create online promotions to boost sales. Finally, you can activate online payment in order to limit human contact to a minimum.

Limit loss of revenue and customers and optimize your services in times of crisis with iShopFood’s online ordering. Contact us now for a quick response to your needs. Follow our Facebook page to be informed of the latest developments concerning iShopFood and COVID-19.

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