Pho Tonkinoise : Online ordering

  • 23 May 2016 |
  • Online ordering
Pho Tonkinoise - Online ordering

Vietnamese cuisine is on the menu for iShopFood! Pho Tonkinoise now offers online ordering in its Quebec City location. Try one of their delicious Tonkinese soups. They are full of broth, large noodles, juicy meat and fresh vegetables, but even more, amazing flavor!

The Pho noodle joins the online menu!

Pho Tonkinoise is a Vietnamese express restaurant located in Quebec City. Cafeteria style, the establishment offers authentic flavors from Vietnam. Indeed, the Tonkinese soup is their specialty. You can also find lemongrass grills, crispy noodles and generously garnished sub sandwiches. In addition, the restaurant offers an excellent service at the counter and a fast delivery service. Discover the exotic flavors of Vietnam with the delicious specialties Pho Tonkinoise has to offer!

iShopFood: A key ingredient!

Eager to continue to offer quality service while optimizing its performance, the Vietnamese establishment has partnered up with iShopFood! Indeed, Pho Tonkinoise has made the online ordering service available on their website. The restaurant’s clientele can now enjoy an intuitive and efficient ordering platform to feast on the Vietnamese specialties of the restaurant.

Pho Tonkinoise also offers a delivery service, which means online orders can be taken for reception at the counter or by delivery. By using iShopFood technologies, the restaurant can improve its service in general and increase sales directly. iShopFood is now an essential tool for restaurants, cafeterias and hotels to optimizes services as well as offer better overall performances.

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