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  • 29 August 2017 |
  • Mobile app
Rubs BBQ Americain - Online ordering

American specialties with a Quebec accent! Rubs BBQ Americain now offers its extensive grill menu via iShopFood’s online ordering! Enjoy a multitude of typical American meats smoked by an exceptional process.

The best American BBQ in Quebec!

Authentic American BBQ food is what Rubs BBQ American serves you with a twist from Quebec. The establishment offers the most delicious BBQ meats, smoked with soft maple wood to give them a spectacular Québécois flavor. On the menu you will find pulled pork, beef breast, chicken, Saint-Louis pork chops, beef ribs, salmon and smoked shrimp and more. Rubs BBQ is also the only place in town to serve smoked hamburgers.

Almost everything on the menu will include the smoking process in its cooking method. The sweet smell of maple wood that will greet you at the door is proof that all their products are smoked on the site. In short, the products are fresh every day! With its wide selection of meats and its exceptional smoking process, Rubs BBQ continues its vision of becoming the reference throughout Quebec in specialized catering on BBQ and smoking rooms.

Association with iShopFood

It’s in this perspective that the establishment continues to expand its services. Indeed, American BBQ Rubs has partnered with iShopFood and now offers an online ordering service. The establishment can thus optimize its order taking services and increase the efficiency of its employees. In addition, the service increases sales and the size of the average bill. In short, an asset of choice for any restaurant owner!

The control platform is accessible via the Rubs BBQ Americain ordering application. All the features of classic online ordering are present, now directly accessible from your smartphone. Order one of the restaurant’s many delicious meals easily with iShopFood!

The Rubs BBQ Americain mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about our online ordering service, visit one of our information pages. Contact us by filling out this form to get a customized solution for your needs!

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