Satori : Self-serve kiosk & Online ordering

  • 5 April 2019 |
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Satori - Self-serve kiosk & Online ordering

Innovation and technology combined with the Japanese tradition! Satori now offers access to a countertop self-serve kiosk. In addition, the sushi restaurant also offers online ordering services. More and more ordering options to better discover Japanese specialties!

Simplicity, authenticity and freshness

Satori has a chic and modern atmosphere. The new decor, renovated in 2019, perfectly respects the essence of Japanese culture. Satori has more than 120 seats, a trendy bar, and a VIP room that can accommodate meals and business meetings. The menu, developed by the chef of the restaurant, showcases the richness and finesse of Japanese cuisine. A diversified offer, including dishes such as teriyaki, ramen and of course sushi will delight the greatest number! Carefully selected, the wine list was designed to accompany each dish perfectly.

Everything is served by a friendly and professional staff. The chef always takes special care to prepare each dish with the greatest attention. Go on-site to take part in the Omakase experience!

iShopFood: A technological solution

Thanks to partnership with iShopFood, the Quebec establishment innovates and optimizes its services! Satori allows users to control via the countertop self-serve kiosk. In this way, customers can avoid queues and the restaurant speeds up the performance of its employees.

In addition, online ordering is now available on the Satori website. Thanks to the features of the service, customers can make their choice of sushi in advance. As a result, they can pick up their order when ready, at the selected time. This way, they avoid waiting times and queues.

The overall interface is designed with a custom palette, in accordance with the company’s branding. The menu is presented with gorgeous pictures, put forward by the overall design of the services.

You need more information about iShopFood services? Learn more about online ordering and the self-serve kiosk by visiting our service pages.

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